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   Description: Leader of Tiki Bay, the Reptileader Dragon is a demigod whose power helps maintain the balance of his community’s fragile ecosystem. 

   His living shield keeps an eye out for enemies while he sleeps.. Reptileader Dragon is a Legend Dragon with the primary typing of Legend . 

   The Reptileader Dragon can also learn Plant, Light, and Fire moves. Check element dragon city strong and weakness chart here Compare Reptileader Dragon with another dragon here


Dragon City

Dragon Code2066
Release date 
Category (Cat)11
Possible hybrid:No
Available in the shop:No
Price:6,000 gems
Bloom time:2 days 12 hours
Summon Time:2 days
Hatch XP:XP:999,999
Sell:2,000,000 Gold



These are the moves that High Commander Dragon will know upon hatching.

ic water flag hntchannelStorm
Damage: 1050 | water
ic metal flag hntchannelMagneto
Damage: 650 | metal
hnt bigJudo Kick
Damage: 863 | physical
ic water flag hntchannelFoam
Damage: 900 | water


These are the moves that High Commander Dragon can learn through training.

ic light flag hntchannelOut Of Time+
Damage: 1950 | light | 2 days
ic metal flag hntchannelCannon Balls+
Damage: 1800 | metal | 24 hours
ic plant flag hntchannelBeehive+
Damage: 1950 | plant | 2 days
ic water flag hntchannelWave
Damage: 1800 | water | 12 hours


High Commander Dragon can be trained from 4 different types of elements, so it can deal heavy damage to dragons with the main systems being Fire, War, Earth, Ice, Water, Light, Electric, and Dark 

ic electric flag hntchannel ic dark flag hntchannel ic earth flag hntchannel ic ice flag hntchannel ic water flag hntchannel ic light flag hntchannel ic fire flag hntchannel ic war flag hntchannel


High Commander Dragon has Water as its main system. The first element of a dragon always determines its weak point, so High Commander Dragon is weak to the following elements: Plant , Electric

ic plant flag hntchannel ic electric flag hntchannel

Gold DragonCollection starting point: 30 GoldLevel Up: 20 GoldLevel 5: 110 gold each minutesLevel 10: 210 gold per minuteGold boost will halve after lvl 10Level 15: 260 gold per minuteLevel 20: 310 gold per minuteLevel 25: 360 gold per minutesLevel 30: 410 gold per minutesLevel 35: 460 gold per minuteLevel 40: 510 gold per minuteLevel 45: 560 gold per minutesLevel 50: 610 gold per minuteLevel 55: 660 gold per minutesLevel 60: 710 gold each minutesLevel 65: 760 gold per minutesLevel 70: 810 gold per minute
Autumn GoldStarting Earnings: 30 GoldLevel Up: 20 GoldLevel 5: 110 gold per minuteLevel 10 : 210 gold per minutegold gain will be halved after lvl 10Level 15 : 260 gold per minuteLevel 20 : 310 gold per minuteLevel 25 : 360 gold per minuteLevel 30 : 410 gold per minuteLevel 35 : 460 gold per minuteLevel 40 : 510 gold per minuteLevel 45 : 560 gold per minuteLevel 50 : 610 gold per minuteLevel 55 : 660 gold per minuteLevel 60 : 710 gold per minuteLevel 65 : 760 gold per minuteLevel 70 : 810 gold per minute
5/5 - (23 bình chọn)

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