4.9/5 - (8 bình chọn)


4.9/5 - (8 bình chọn)

Dragon Even

Icetrek Dragon

Absolute Zero Dragon

Jingle Keeper Dragon

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absolute zero hntchannel

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     Reward Strategy

Puzzle Islands usually offer some great new dragons you can unlock. There is usually a dedicated reward track just for dragons. We recommend you target unlocking new dragons, as the other rewards are not as exciting, and you will unlock them anyway in the process of the Puzzle Island

     Making Moves

Try to prioritize the colours that correspond to the rewards you want to unlock This will make sure your Puzzle Moves are going directly towards your desired unlocks.

If you’re out of preferred matches, try to make other coloured matches lower down on the puzzle,
because falling blocks can make extra puzzle matches and combos as other puzzle blocks fall.

     Getting free moves

You can get free moves every 4 hours, try to claim as many of these as you can, note that its a 4 hour timer. different from coin events where you can claim the currency within a window. any time spent not claiming your free puzzle moves will eat into the event time, as you will need to wait another full 4 hours again for your next free moves. If you want to get serious you can set a timer on your phone to collect Puzzle Moves more edfficiently!

Try to refrain from claiming gold / food

If you know you need to “claim 1 Million gold” soon, then try not to claim your gold until its required for the Puzzle Quest.
This can apply to leauge battles, quests, claiming food and feeding dragons if you look at what tasks are coming up in advanced then you can plan accordingly and save time during the Puzzle Event

     Take it slow

Because moves are very limited, take some time before each move to see if there are any better moves. Sometimes you can break a special block that would result in more desired blocks dissapearing than breaking 3 in a row.

     Combining 2 Special blocks isnt always good

Unlike candy crush / other ‘match 3’ games, combining the ultimate power up (5 in a row) with other special blocks does not make huge combos, instead the special block is just converted to a normal block, and all of that particular puzzle block colour is wiped like normal.
The best blocks to combine in our oppinion are the line powerup, with the explosion powerup. This will clear 3 lines of Puzzle blocks in the direction the line powerup is pointing


Gold Dragon

Collection starting point: 30 Gold

Level Up: 20 Gold

Level 5: 110 gold each minutes

Level 10: 210 gold per minute

Gold boost will halve after lvl 10

Level 15: 260 gold per minute

Level 20: 310 gold per minute

Level 25: 360 gold per minutes

Level 30: 410 gold per minutes

Level 35: 460 gold per minute

Level 40: 510 gold per minute

Level 45: 560 gold per minutes

Level 50: 610 gold per minute

Level 55: 660 gold per minutes

Level 60: 710 gold each minutes

Level 65: 760 gold per minutes

Level 70: 810 gold per minute

Thu Vàng

Thu nhập khởi điểm: 30 Vàng

     Tăng cấp: 20 Vàng

     Cấp độ 5 : 110 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 10 : 210 vàng mỗi phút

     độ tăng vàng sẽ giảm một nửa sau lv 10

     Cấp độ 15 : 260 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 20 : 310 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 25 : 360 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 30 : 410 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 35 : 460 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 40 : 510 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 45 : 560 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 50 : 610 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 55 : 660 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 60 : 710 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 65 : 760 vàng mỗi phút

     Cấp độ 70 : 810 vàng mỗi phút

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